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Own Your Story

Develop Your Mental Toughness to "Make it"!

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Hi, I'm Manny!

I'm a first-generation American, high-school and college grad, that knows how challenging it is to fight through "THE NOISE" while working hard to "MAKE IT"

As a hope researcher and motivational speaker, I share the good and the bad of my personal story, with the intent of empowering you to own and develop yours.

My keynote presentations and workshops are intended to share practical tools and advice that will improve your sense of hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism, and grit.

By doing this, we engage in "REAL TALK"; where we build community by sharing where we’ve been, where we want to go, how we’ll get there, and how to manage “THE NOISE” that gets in the way.


In school, we learn about fractions, syntax and world history.

What if you were challenged to learn about...

  • the return on investment of your dreams

  • the importance of articulating your plan 

  • identifying the lessons learned from your personal experiences

The Grit In Me Program is a series of workshops intended to do this very thing, with the objective of improving personal, academic and professional achievement. 


By creating a safe and encouraging environment where together we share our challenging experiences, hopes for the future and plans to get there, we will actively work towards owning our story.

Want to learn more about the strategies that make-up these workshops?



If you are looking to gift your students, staff, or organization with a message that they can take home and apply to their lives, reach out to learn more!

WorkshopS &


Whether in a class or a team off-site, small group presentations open the opportunity for Manny and the team to connect with the participants on a more intimate level;  allowing for questions and answers and open-dialogue exercises.


Thanks for reaching out!

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