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Graduating from college can be challenging, especially if you're a first generation college student of low-economic means.

Only 11% of low-income, first-generation college students will have a college degree within six years of enrolling in school, compared to about 55% of their more advantaged peers who were not low-income or first-generation students.


One way The Grit In Me (TGIM) works to improve these statistics is through seminars/workshops where we 1) share valuable tools intended to improve mental toughness and 2) explore the narratives of first generation graduates and current professions in the community that have already "made it".


On November 22nd, TGIM will be hosting a seminar at San Antonio College. The premise of the seminar is, "developing your long-term goal and using it as a tool to deal with life's challenges".

This event is sponsored partially by the college organizations that the students are a part of (i.e. Student Life, San Antonio College Men) and partially by independent organizations and generous individuals like you.


You can help a first generation student beat the odds by sponsoring their attendance to this event. Gifting a student the opportunity to take part in an event where they can change the trajectory of their personal and professional development.

If your sold on the mission of supporting first-generation students and would like to sponsor a seat, click on this icon.





Thank you for your willingness to support our mission!

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