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Where we MIGHT be for our Purpose & Adventure Tour

When planning a big adventure, sometimes you just need to get started planning - even though you may not know the final destination or how long it will take.

So far, this is what we have planned for our Purpose & Adventure Tour

We will:

1. Pick up the van someday late January from Kansas City, Missouri

2. Drive straight down to our home in San Antonio, Texas

3. Start driving to El Paso, Texas mid-February

4. Drive from El-Paso to the Grand Canyon early March

5. Possibly drive to Yuma, AZ and Calexico, CA by mid-March

6. Deliver a workshop to first generation students and Dreamers in Fresno California by late March

7. Visit Yosemite by mid-April

8. Somehow get to Washington State at some point

Here is a rough sketch of the route we plan on taking.

If you know if schools or programs that would benefit from a workshop or presentation, please share my information and let’s connect to make something happen.

If you want to meet up while we are in town, definitely reach out. We look forward to connecting with family, friend and future friends.

Purpose Driven Adventure Seekers

Manny & Barbara

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