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We are going to live in a van!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Purpose and adventure! That is what Barbara, and I (Manny) are after in 2023. We will be traveling to different states in hopes of making a difference and seeing more of the world.

The pandemic and various life events that we and other friends have experienced has reminded us that life is short.

Because of this, we have promised ourselves to always choose a life of purpose and adventure over a life of ease and comfort.

To ensure this isn’t some empty promise we made to ourselves, we fully committed to this mantra by:

1) Selling our truck & purchasing an adventure van that we will live and travel in while we

2) Deliver workshops and presentations to different schools and organizations across the U.S.

3) While also visiting National Parks and other points of interest along the way

This epic adventure won’t be easy and I’m sure we will experience plenty of discomfort (still don’t know where we will poop and shower) but we hope it will:

a) Help us connect with the communities we serve on a deeper level

b) Remind us to continue exploring the natural world

c) Reset our understanding of what it means to really live

Hold us accountable

I share this with you so that you can hold us accountable and to inspire anyone who also feels like they want to do more, give more, live more but feel like they aren’t ready. Here is a little secret, in my 35 years I have never felt ready.

Thank you in advance for your support. We will be sharing our adventures regularly. Stay tuned.

Purpose Driven Adventure Seekers

Manny & Barbara

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