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The Grit In Me Pilot 2018

Pilot Goals

1. Assess student's interest in program

2. Learn from student's needs and aspirations

3. Improve the delivery of the strategies and tactics exercised in the program


This 1st pilot was a success! Both the students and facilitators (Manny & Barbara) learned a lot about themselves, their goals and what it means to take small steps towards your “I made it moment”. 

The Grit In Me consists of 5 key questions that characterize the underline strategies of the program. The pilot covered two of these questions.



Where are you from?

Using a 80 year timeline as context, reflect on...

  1) past and future experiences

  2) the experience's degree of impact

  3) their sense of of choice and control over the experience

Dissect experiences into introspective lessons learned that inform future decisions and behaviors

Where are you going?

Develop a long-term goal or "I made it moments" along with a "why" narrative as a means of inspiring future orientation and purpose.


Students and faculty were given the opportunity to provide feedback. These quotes represent their general sentiments.

Student Feedback

"I liked being in a safe open environment with my peers"

"This helped me understand that it is ok if I am still trying to figure things out"

Student Feedback

"Engaging, relevant and well organized. The students are enjoying it and appear to be gaining valuable information"


"I wish we would have met more often"

Student Feedback

"I liked how this class actually took time to help you plan out and look forward in your life - to achieve what you want to achieve"

Student Feedback


The Grit In Me team is currently in conversations with San Antonio high schools, with the intent of carrying out a second, more robust pilot. The second pilot will cover all 5 Key Questions and underline strategies. If you're interested in discussing this and other pilot opportunities, feel free to reach out to the team.

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